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Soccer is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, speed, agility and endurance. Unlike many team sports, soccer players sometimes play the entire 45 minutes of each half without a substitution. During this time, the athlete is continuously moving, running, jumping and sprinting. Studies have shown that the average soccer player can run upwards of 7 miles per game. Without proper fueling, soccer players will not be able to maintain a high level of performance.

When a soccer player has not been eating properly, or hydrating adequately it becomes obvious within a short period of time. Their stamina decreases quickly, they slow down, and they are not as capable of dealing with the physical and mental aspects of the sport. This will increase the likelihood of  injuries, cramps, concussions, sprains and muscle tears.

Fueling for soccer requires consistency to keep up with the demands of the sport. Whether it is because of a lack of time or neglect, many athletes skip meals and fail to hydrate fully, leading to fatigue, heavy legs and muscle cramps. Having a plan for fueling and hydrating will ensure that your body stays strong and recovers well through all phases of training.



The primary fuel for soccer is carbohydrates. In order to compete optimally a soccer  player requires 40-60 percent of their daily caloric intake to come from carbohydrates, 20-40 % from protein and 10-30 percent from fat. Not all carbohydrates are created equal though, a whole wheat bagel is a better option than a doughnut. Pasta and sweat potatoes should be chosen over fried foods like french fries or breading on fried chicken.

Lactic acid build up and cramping is also a significant concern for many soccer players. With proper nutrition and supplementation cramps and muscle fatigue due to lactic acid can be greatly reduced or eliminated all together.

Our certified staff has under gone some of the most rigorous training available, including the USADA drug testing program. This gives our clients the peace of mind that our programs and supplement recommendations will never interfere with high school, NCAA or professional regulations.

Proper hydration is crucial for athletic performance. Dehydration can cause over-heating, reduced reaction time, cramps, muscle tears and decreased strength and endurance. Hydration isn’t just for practice and games, staying hydrated all day is very important. It is also important to understand that hydration is cumulative and must be part of your daily nutrition program.


  1. Sports Specific- We take into consideration the energy and hydration demands of each individual sport, and each players position.
  2. 100% customized- Each of our plans is 100% customized for each one of our clients.
  3. Foods you like and eat- Unlike other nutritionists that hand you a food journal and generic foods, we design our programs with foods that you enjoy and that are readily available to you and your family.
  4. Support 7 days a week- We provide daily coaching. Each of our clients has access via text, phone and email to our staff every day. If you have a problem, cheat on the plan or have a question you can reach out at any time! We will help you every step of the way.

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