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Recipe of the Week: Egg White Protein Smoothie

For many athletes Whey Protein can cause acne breakouts, especially in the summer time when you’re out in the sun or sweating more frequently. This weeks Recipe of the Week is not only a great protein smoothie/shake, it is also made with Egg White Protein. Egg White Protein is a great alternative to Whey that causes far fewer acne breakouts. So enjoy this quick and easy protein boost without worrying about those annoying breakouts!

Egg Protein Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

Serves 1


2 scoop Vanilla, Egg White Protein, Jay Robb Brand

1/2 cup Blueberries, Frozen or Fresh

6 oz Chobani Non Fat Yogurt

1 cup Milk, Skim

10 cubes Ice Cubes


Place milk and ice in the bottom of the blender, then add other ingredients. Blend until at your desired texture. Enjoy!

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